Tuesday, 12 February 2013

how to play high graphics games without graphics card

A virtual graphic card for playing high definition games on your non graphic card pc..

Hi friends,i have heard a lot of my friends saying that they are unable to play high resolution and high definition games on their pc and told that they are on a low budget to buy a graphics card.Here is a solution for that:There is a software named 3-D analyzer available in the internet which acts as a virtual graphics card for playing games.
You can enter the graphic card needed from the 4 available graphic cards available and then you can get the attributes of that graphic card..If fine tuned,you can play games at the range of a 128mb RAM virutal graphic card on your non graphic card pc.
Note:Graphic intensive games,that requires atleast 512Mb of graphics memory can't be played through 3d analyzer if you don't have a graphic card,but you can try running it if you have a 256/128 Mb card.
*First download the file from here
*Then extract that software and open the software
*Then,select the exe file of the game that you want to run
*Choose the select option
*Then you can choose the attributes the options you require to play the game
*The attributes may be pixel shader or disable rendering in the game or emulation or some other options specified
*Then,Enter the device id and the vendor id for the graphics card you need from the available graphics card on the right.
*I would suggest the ATI Radeon 9800pro to run most of the games like FIFA 08/09 or prince of persia Two Thrones/Sands of Time
*Then choose the run option and then i assure that the game would run for you at a decent/playable speed.
Note:1.If it shows any error that a file is not found pls reinstall the software.
2.If the screen turns black/blank then play with the options in the s/w, by Trial and error method,if fortunate,may be,you'll be able to run your favorite game.
3.If pixel shader/shader version x.x not found,then select the appropriate shader model and run the game.
All the best..Happy Gaming..If any queries post it below.

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  1. not all particularly but some only whose graphics requirements are very near.

    some other ways are there i will tell u later.

    1. thank u for the info and pls tell d oder ways soon

    2. other ways include good ram and only work for pc games .
      use SwiftShader 3.0(download link given down) and then u will get a d3d9.dll file. copy it in the game folder and run the game and put it in it's very lowest settings and then quit the game . a new file named"swiftshader.ini" will be created the settings in it can be changed according to ram. Reply with your ram capacity to me so that i will give u correct settings.more the ram more the gameplay improves .if any problem PLz Comment.

      here is the link:-

      have fun

    3. well rohit i hve 3gb ram in my laptop and a 2.20ghz cpu and would like to post for the blog please tell me soon

    4. yes i'd love to.
      which game do u want to run?
      how much big it is?
      answer me .

    5. then just give me your email id and i wanna run cod black ops 2

  2. rkmk1369@gmail.com

    i will send u the settings

  3. Bro plz give any version of svr series but it must be rip or highly compressed for pcsx2 or epsxe....as soon as possible plz bro
    #rohit sharma

  4. link is dead bro

  5. hi..Im student from Informatics engineering, this article is very informative, thanks for sharing :)


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